Series & Workshops

Carly Child Pole Workshops

Monday, January 22

PRIMAL INSTINCTS  6:30pm-8pm | $65
In this open-level 90-minute workshop, come explore new movements and find tour own sense of style. Using modern dance and freestyling techniques, dance in new unique ways to you. It’s not what you do, or even how you do it, but how you feel when you are doing it. We will explore different movement patterns on and off the pole, leaving you with choreography you can use, adapt, and explore for your next routine **Covering your shoulders, knees and ankles will have the best results.

FLARES, FLIPS & FLOORWORK 8:15pm-9:45pm | $65
This intermediate-level 90-minute workshop combines hand-balancing elements and cartwheels with a focus on finding interesting ways to combine floor-based elements with the pole. **Must be comfortable with inverting.