Studio Rental

You can rent the studio space for personal or commercial use. Studio includes seven 13′ poles, three rigging points for aerial rigging, lighting and sound system. A deposit is required to book a rental. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy when booking a space rental. You will not be refunded your money with less than 48-hours notice of cancellation. Studio rentals are by the hour only, we do not do half-hour rentals. Personal use rentals must be booked one week in advance. Commercial use rentals must be booked one month in advance.

To book a studio rental, call Studio Spin at 717-207-9337 or email

Rental Pricing Details
Personal Use $30 per hour Can only be used by one or two people max for practice time, competition practice or rehearsals. Non-profit use, non-promotional use.
Commercial Use Call for pricing Can only be used for hosting a party, events, teaching workshops, photo or video shoots.