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Spinster Spotlight: Jenn D

Jenn D at Studio Spin Recital

Name & age Jenn Dixon, and I am 39. Where are you from? Ephrata, PA What is your day job? I am an IT technician for the Recorder of Deeds office for the County of Lancaster.  Basically, I keep all of our computers running and take care of customers having trouble on our website and […]

Beginner Hoop 5-week Series

Beginner Hoop Series

Starting Tuesday, September 13 at 7:15pm. Calling all hoop noobs! If you are dying to learn how to hoop, this is the series for you! Newbies will learn how to waist hoop as well as learn other hoop maneuvers, while beginners can perfect their hooping skills with drills. Cost is $65 or included with a […]

Go-go Hoop Workshop

Saturday, June 27 from 12pm-1:30pm. Join veteran hooper and go-go dancer Glo to learn an original choreographed piece that brings the attitude and sexiness of go-go style dance into your hoop. This workshop also focuses on learning to dance from the inside out. Think empowering thoughts that manifest in confident movement. Take your hooping skills to […]

Hoop Workshops with Glo

Hoop Workshops with Glo at Studio Spin

Creative hoopdancer Glo will be teaching two specialty hoop workshops at Studio Spin on Saturday July 19. Limited spaces. 1:00pm Hoop Doubles $30 Learn the foundation of hooping with two mini hoops or two regular-sized hoops. This workshop will cover timing, planes, weaves and other basic off-body moves. Beginner through intermediate. 90 minutes. 2:30pm Hoop […]