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Spinster Spotlight: Dionysus Rose

Spinster Spotlight: Dionysus Rose Dionysus Rose-Studio Spin

Name & age Dionysus Rose, 23   Where are you from? I’m from rural central Pennsylvania, about 15 minutes from where the Little League tournament gets held every year.   What is your day job? I’m an information security analyst!   What classes are you currently taking at Studio Spin and when did you start? […]

9 Awesome Things About Group Aerial Classes

9 Awesome Things About Group Aerial Classes pole classes at Studio Spin

Some of the amazing benefits of aerial training is an increase in strength, flexibility and confidence. But training in a group environment has far more benefits than training at home alone. We’ve got 9 reasons why it’s better and more fun to train in class verses training alone. 1. THE MOTIVATION FACTOR When training at […]

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