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Spinster Spotlight: Camille W.

Studio Spinster

Name & age Camille Werzowa, 25 years old Where are you from? Los Angeles, CA What is your day job? Nuclear Chemistry Technician at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station What classes are you currently taking at Studio Spin and when did you start? I mostly go to open pole and mixed/level 3/4 pole classes. […]

Spinster Spotlight: Andrea Natay

Andrea Natay

Name & age Andrea Cox (Andrea NaTay). I’m 36. Where are you from? Baltimore Maryland but I live in York, Pa. What is your day job? ECMO Specialist (Heart Lung Bypass) at University of Maryland Medical Center Shock Trauma. Owner of Bee Creative Signs & Designs a Decorated Apparel and Signage Business. Founder and Manager […]

How Pole Saved My Life

Ambyr - Pole Story

By Aurora Storm Turning demons into angels. When a friend asked me one Spring to try out a pole class I was all for it! Trying something new always appealed to me and there seemed a certain mystic to the art that I wanted to tap into.  Little did I know what I was about […]

Vee – My Personal Pole Story

Vee I

Back in 2009, I woke up to my routine of coffee while surfing celebrity blogs. I came across a post showcasing Felix Cane’s 2009 encore performance at the World Championships in Jamaica. I still recall not being able to blink as she flowed from spin to trick with flawless execution. Reading the user comments, it […]

Rachel – My Personal Pole Journey

Rachel Skye

Hello, my name is Rachel Skye. And I wanted to share my pole story with you. The moment I took a whirl around the pole in my first pole dance class, I knew that pole was going to be my life. I just never knew how much it would change my life (for the better)! […]