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Spinster Spotlight: Andrea Natay

Andrea Natay

Name & age Andrea Cox (Andrea NaTay). I’m 36. Where are you from? Baltimore Maryland but I live in York, Pa. What is your day job? ECMO Specialist (Heart Lung Bypass) at University of Maryland Medical Center Shock Trauma. Owner of Bee Creative Signs & Designs a Decorated Apparel and Signage Business. Founder and Manager […]

How Pole Saved My Life

Ambyr - Pole Story

By Aurora Storm Turning demons into angels. When a friend asked me one Spring to try out a pole class I was all for it! Trying something new always appealed to me and there seemed a certain mystic to the art that I wanted to tap into.  Little did I know what I was about […]

Vee – My Personal Pole Story

Vee I

Back in 2009, I woke up to my routine of coffee while surfing celebrity blogs. I came across a post showcasing Felix Cane’s 2009 encore performance at the World Championships in Jamaica. I still recall not being able to blink as she flowed from spin to trick with flawless execution. Reading the user comments, it […]

Rachel – My Personal Pole Journey

Rachel Skye

Hello, my name is Rachel Skye. And I wanted to share my pole story with you. The moment I took a whirl around the pole in my first pole dance class, I knew that pole was going to be my life. I just never knew how much it would change my life (for the better)! […]