BYOG (Bring Your Own Guy) Pole Workshop

BYOG Pole Class
Saturday, September 3, 12:30-2pm. Has your boyfriend, husband or guy pal been dying to learn what you do on the pole?!
Now is your chance to not only show him, but to share the pole with him. Led by a male and female instructor, this couples-based workshop will focus on doubles pole tricks that incorporate teamwork and trust building. Expect to climb, hold poses and even spin.
No need to create an account for your guy. Register under your name only. $65 per couple.
***Guys should wear shorts that do not cover the knees. Tank tops and short sleeves shirts are recommended. NO LOTION OR OILS on skin or hands 8 hours prior to to workshop.
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Saturday, July 9 at 1pm *5 SPOTS LEFT*

Just a heads up...


We will be closed for holiday break from December 24 through January 3. During this time, we will not be available by phone or email. We will return email inquiries and/or phone calls on January 4.