The 3-hour Intensive | Saturday, November 6 | 2pm

Powerful Bold Sensual Unafraid Wild Free

Confidence with claws

Liberate yourself from fear, shame and self-doubt and discover the fiercely, powerful, sensual tigress that is within you.

 For many women, being true to yourself can feel very scary. Often, women hold back from going after the things that bring them joy, standing up for their values or just saying no. And as a result, I see women afraid to leave relationships even though they are unfulfilling or toxic; women stuck in a dead-end job that don’t utilize their full potential, women who deny themselves pleasure for fear of shame, and worst of all–I see women who never realize their full value. 
Why is that?
It’s a story that you’ve been given as a woman. Whether you inherited that story from your family or partner, or been conditioned by a patriarchal society.
But I challenge you to tear up that story and rewrite a new one! 

What will be YOUR story?

The Fierce Confidence program, created by Rachel Skye, is the beginning of your journey to liberation. Together we take a deep dive into the stories that have been given to you and deconstruct the f*** out of them! We will explore pleasure within our bodies through movement that you never thought was possible. And create a new mindset that will allow you to live fiercely. 

This 3-hour intensive serves as an introduction to the Fierce Confidence 6-week Journey Series. (Coming in January 2022). The Fierce Confidence program is comprised of sensual movement, journaling, breath work and energy work and rooted in 6 pillars:

Be prepared with:

An open mind ready to receive

Comfortable clothing to move around in

A separate set of clothes that make you feel sexy

Journal & water

This intensive is appropriate for you if:

You are a woman or female identifying

You are feeling disconnected from or shameful about your body

You are dissatisfied in a current relationship

You are afraid to be your authentic-self

You are unsure of who you are

This intensive is not appropriate for you if:

You are currently experiencing physical or emotional trauma. While this work is therapeutic, it is not a replacement for therapy with a licensed professional. 

You are not ready to make a shift in your life. 

Saturday, November 6 | 2-5pm

Are you ready to begin your journey of liberation?

Investment: $169

Rachel Skye

Hello, Tigress

I’m Rachel, your Fierce Confidence mentor. 

For 12 years, I have helped women discover confidence through pole dance and sensual movement. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed a woman walk into my class for the first time feeling self-conscious about her body, unhappy in her marriage, unfulfilled with her job. And months or years later see her walking in taller, happy, freed from her terrible marriage or joyous in her new career and proud of her accomplishments. 

It’s my goal to help you realize YOUR value and use YOUR voice without fear of shame or abandonment. I want you to not only embrace your sensual power, but OWN IT! I fully believe in the power of mind-body connection. And I am ready to help you realize your power. Are you ready?

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We will be closed for holiday break from December 24 through January 3. During this time, we will not be available by phone or email. We will return email inquiries and/or phone calls on January 4.