Studio Spin’s 6-week signature program with Rachel Skye

Saturdays at 11:30am, Sept 9 -Oct 14

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Confidence with claws

It is your birthright to be who you are meant to be in this world.

As women, it’s hard to be ourselves sometimes…or maybe all the time. We want to be the fierce, confident woman who stands in her power: unafraid to go after what she wants, accepts and appreciates her body, leaves the toxic relationship, finds a fulfilling career, says no when she wants to, voices her opinion, embraces her sexuality and wears whatever makes her feel freakin’ amazing regardless of her age or body shape.

Sure that would feel great in a perfect world. But we don’t live in a perfect world. And that’s the problem. We live in a world where women are given a prewritten story to live: a story that’s been inherited from family trauma, a male-dominated society and religion; a story that’s been written by everyone else EXCEPT YOU.

You are the soul owner of your life.

You alone are responsible for the value you give yourself. Your value is not measured by your job, partner, friends, family or religion. Society has taught you not to trust yourself. And I call bullsh*t! I invite you to rise above and liberate yourself from the fake story that has been weighing heavy on you. Tear up that old story and rewrite a new one!

What will be YOUR story?

The Fierce Confidence program, created by Rachel, is the beginning of your journey to liberation. Together we take a deep dive into the stories that have been given to you and deconstruct the f*** out of them! And explore pleasure within our bodies through movement to create new neural pathways. All with the intention of creating a confident mindset that will allow you to live fiercely. 

The Fierce Confidence program is comprised of sensual movement, journaling, breath work and energy work and rooted in 6 pillars:

What is sensual movement?

I define sensual movement as moving your body in a way that awakens the senses with the purpose of building a deep connection of mind to body.

Sensual movement doesn’t require a pole—just space. It doesn’t require any previous dance skills–just a willingness to move without judgement. 

Be prepared with:

An open mind ready to receive

Comfortable clothing to move around in

A separate set of clothes that make you feel sexy


What to expect:

90-minute sessions that meet the same time and day each week for 6 weeks. 

Follow-up emails with “homework” to work on during the week.

Journal prompts and movement exploration during each session designed to expand your mind and body.

This intensive is appropriate for you if:

You are a woman or female identifying

You are feeling disconnected from or shameful about your body

You are dissatisfied in a current relationship

You are afraid to be your authentic-self

You are unsure of who you are

This intensive is not appropriate for you if:

You are currently experiencing intense physical or emotional trauma and not currently working with a therapist. While this work is therapeutic, it is not a replacement for therapy with a licensed professional. 

You are not ready to make a shift in your life. 

Liberate yourself from fear, shame and self-doubt and claim the fiercely, powerful, sensual tigress that is within you.

Rachel Skye

Hello, Tigress

I’m Rachel, your Fierce Confidence mentor. 

Truth bomb: I didn’t always feel confident in myself. I struggled with self-esteem as a teenager. I felt self-conscious about my body for a long time. I doubted my talents. So what changed? 

I started pole dancing! Sounds cliché, right? But it worked. I started appreciating the amazing things I could do with my body. And that made my self-esteem and body confidence soar through the roof! 

But it wasn’t enough. Pole dance was something I did. It wasn’t what gave me value. Owning my value took some deeper work. And I am honored to share that process with you.

Not only do I want you to realize your value, but OWN IT! Because owning your value gives you power. Power to use your voice without fear or shame and be the fierce, confident woman you have the right to be!

Are you ready?

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