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Hey there, welcome to Studio Spin. What would life look like if you decided to prioritize yourself?

We are not your typical pole/aerial/dance studio. We don’t teach dance so you can learn how to be a better dancer or performer. We teach dance so you can learn how to be a better version of you. A version of you that prioritizes your self-growth and body exploration. We offer a 2-year curriculum that uses dance and movement as a means to create a deeper connection to your body, sensuality and creativity. And the 4-week Intro Series is your starting point on that journey. 

The Intro Series is a set of four classes that meet the same day and time each week and are filled with growth, elevation and exploration. Learn and grow with the same instructor and classmates for 4 weeks. Work with a partner in class to achieve your goals and celebrate your wins. Learn about our studio culture and our philosophy of teaching. 

Choose whether you’d like to start your journey with Pole Dance or Lyra.

Intro Series Investment: $116 


Thursdays at 7:45pm Mar 7 – 28   8 spots open 

Wednesdays at 7:45pm Mar 13 – Apr 3   8 spots open

If you are just looking to try pole dance as a one-time experience, then we recommend signing up for The Pole Dance Experience. This is a one-time 75-minute class, perfect for newbies who want to give pole dance a try for fun without committing to a weekly class.


Sundays at 1:15pm Mar 17 – Apr 14   2 spots open
No class on March 31.

What to Expect

ARRIVE 10 minutes before class to sign in at the front desk. You are not permitted to join class if you walk into the studio more than 5 minutes after class has started. Being on time for class shows respect! Walking into the studio late for class is not! 

WEAR COMFORTABLE workout clothing. If taking a pole class, wear shorts. You need that skin to grip the pole baby! If taking a lyra class, wear a fitted shirt or tank top and leggings. If taking a floorwork class, bring knee pads. We don’t enjoy bruised knees. 

BRING A WATER BOTTLE. Hydration is bae. We have a water cooler in case you need to refill.

STORE BELONGINGS in the cubbies provided.

REMOVE all rings and bracelets. Jewelry will damage our equipment. Small earrings and body piercings are okay.

LEAVE THE KIDDOS AT HOME. We do not allow children to sit in the waiting room during class. The atmosphere of our studio is designed with our adult clients in mind. Therefore, we do not allow children under the age of 15 in the studio.

BE OPEN-MINDED while in class. We do creative exercises, have introspective discussions, have students work in partners, and encourage you to push past your comfort zone. 😉 After all, isn’t that why you signed up for class with us?!

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What Not to Expect

A fitness-based class. We appreciate a good gym workout, but we are NOT a gym. We’re here for the creative outlet, confidence building, sensual connection and self-discovery through movement.

Judgement or shame. Period!

Mean girl vibes. 

One type of body shape in class. We celebrate all all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds in our space. We love the individuality that everyone brings to the studio!


If you are new to our studio, your first step is taking a 4-week Intro Series! Scroll up to register for one of our Intro to Pole or Intro to Lyra Series.

If you come to us with previous pole or lyra class experience, contact us to see which membership option is the best fit for you. In the meantime, read our Studio Policies. 

If a class is waitlisted, that means that all the available spots in the class are taken up. But the waitlist serves as an extension of that class roster. As spots open up in class, the next person on the waitlist will automatically be added in to class. So only sign yourself up for the waitlist if you still want to come to class. If you can no longer attend a class that you are waitlisted for, remove yourself from the waitlist immediately so the next available spot can go to the next person in line on the waitlist. Since spots tend to open up the day of class, be prepared to attend class up until two hours before class time. Please review the full Waitlist policy on our Policies page.

Yes, all of our classes are available to all genders. 

If signing up for the Intro Series, both you and your friend need to fill out the waitlist form above.

If you signing up for a Grounded Class, you can choose to book an additional spot in class for your friend during checkout. Be sure to add their name and email.  

FOR POLE CLASSES Skin is bae! Bare skin helps you stick to the pole. Be prepared with shorts, a tank top and sports bra. Pants and long sleeved shirts are great for the warm-up but terrible for pole work as fabric will slide right down the pole, giving you no grip. All jewelry needs to be removed. ***Underwear is not appropriate attire and you will not be allowed to participate if only wearing underwear.

FOR LYRA CLASSES Fitted pants or leggings and a fitted shirt that covers your torso is a must to avoid “lyra burn” caused by friction. All jewelry needs to be removed.

FOR FLOOR WORK  CLASSES Leggings and/or leg warmers are highly recommended. It is important to keep the body warm when deep stretching muscles. Floorplay requires leggings, shirts that cover the back, knee pads and socks or platform-approved heels.

Water, a sweat towel and appropriate workout attire for class. We have yoga mats, yoga straps and blocks.

While our Aerial classes are for members only, we do offer our Grounded classes to non-members. You are encouraged to sign up online as soon as possible for the class you would like to attend, to guarantee your spot in class. We do accept walk-in students only if a class is running and there is an open space in class, however please call the studio first to ensure a spot is available before arrival. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for registration if this is your first visit.

Pre-registration is required for our Intro to Pole and Intro to Lyra series . If there are less than 3 students signed up for an aerial or grounded class, it will be cancelled within six hours of its start time, which is why we encourage students to sign up ahead of time.

Absolutely! Pole and Aerial build upper body strength as you are learning. Our class progression is designed to help you build strength while learning fun moves on aerial apparatuses. If you really want to jump start your muscle conditioning, take our Pole Strong class!

No. All of our classes are open to students of all shapes and sizes.

Even if you already have some beginner-level experience, whether it’s from taking previous classes elsewhere or self-taught, we still encourage you to take our Intro Series because it also serves as an introduction to our studio culture, and how we approach teaching pole and lyra.

However, if you are intermediate to advanced in your practice (meaning you’ve been consistently training for 5+ months), please call the studio to find out which class is best for you.  

Heels are not required. Pole is easier to learn barefoot. You will work your way up to adding the weight of the heels to your dance movement if you would like to use them later on. You will only be allowed to wear approved “dancer” heels that have a proper rubber bottom and secure backing as they are safer and appropriate. Regular high heels are not allowed. If you really want to dance in heels, you are encouraged to attend our Sexy Pole Basics class.

Aerial classes are identified by level and prerequisites in the class description. 

Really?! Would you feel comfortable being watched by random strangers while YOU took class? The answer is no.

DO NOT PUT ANY LOTION on your hands or legs at least five hours prior to any of the aerial classes. Sweating will release the lotion back to the surface, causing you to lose grip and slide down the pole and lyra which can be dangerous. DO NOT WEAR ANY JEWELRY as it can damage our equipment!

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We will be closed for holiday break from December 24 through January 3. During this time, we will not be available by phone or email. We will return email inquiries and/or phone calls on January 4.