Spinster Spotlight: Andrea Natay

Andrea NatayName & age
Andrea Cox (Andrea NaTay). I’m 36.

Where are you from?
Baltimore Maryland but I live in York, Pa.

What is your day job?
ECMO Specialist (Heart Lung Bypass) at University of Maryland Medical Center Shock Trauma.
Owner of Bee Creative Signs & Designs a Decorated Apparel and Signage Business.
Founder and Manager of Born To Grind Entertainment, an Independent Record Label and Clothing Line.

When did you start pole?
My pole journey started December 27, 2015.

What do you like about pole? Has it affected/change your life?
I love pole. I love the challenge. I love the studio. I love the instructors. I love my Pole Sisters. Poling at Studio Spin has given me strength, confidence, and a safe place to unwind, let go, feel the music and just be me.  After my busy work nights and days, coming to the studio is my savior. Being around a group of ladies who encourage, motivate and challenge each other has been one of the best experiences. Studio Spinsters are the best!! #No-a-Pole-ogies

What is your current favorite move/trick?
The Perch and the Twisted Perch are my favorite pole moves. The Corkscrew and The Tarzan are my favorite spins.

What is your current nemesis trick?
The Side Climb and the Skater are my nemesis. The Skater kills my foot every time. Ouch!

What is your favorite kind of music to dance to? Or what song/genre are you really into lately?
Hip hop and pop music motivates me to pole. My favorite jam is WTF (where they from) by Missy Elliott ft. Pharrell.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Oh yeah!! Anything sparkly…I love anything glitter, sequins or shiny.

What is the coolest thing you have done in your life? Or coolest place that you traveled to?
The coolest thing I’ve done was the the Bob Underwater Adventure in Cancun, Mexico. You ride a mini scooter while breathing through a bubble like helmet with oxygen 20ft underwater to view the tropical marine life. Fun times!!

Favorite food?
I can’t help it…chips are my favorite!

Is there any place in lancaster that you recommend going to? Restaurants, bars, shops, tourist attractions, shows, etc.?
I’m not too familiar with all the cool spots but I love shopping at the Lancaster outlets.

Do you have any advice for newbies just starting out in class?
My advice to the newbies is to stick with it. If I can do it, you can do it!! Everything will seem foreign at first: the terminology, traveling around the pole, pain tolerance, even down to the hardness of the floor. But it will become second nature. Go at your own pace and be proud of your accomplishments. I know it may seem like a cliche but it’s really the truth. The best of the best were in your shoes at on point. Embrace the challenge and discover the poler in you!


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