Staff Spotlight: Lyndsay Rose

What is your favorite thing about teaching?
My fave thing about teaching is the relationship with my students. Nothing better than making meaningful connections!

How does movement/dance make you feel?
Creative movement makes me feel more connected to my vessel. It allows me to get out of my head and into the moment.

What kind of music is typically on your playlist?
Upbeat, sensual, lyrically meaningful, woman strong; Benee, Billie Eilish, Remi Wolf, Janet Jackson

How would you describe your dance style?
“In the moment” I believe dance is a form of expression. Whatever mood I am in, whatever emotions are in my heart, I can dance through them!

Guilty Pleasure
Reality show drama & thrift store shopping

Who would you fan girl over?
Amy Winehouse…in my afterlife:)

Last concert you went to
My 4-year-old daughter’s dance recital

What is the coolest place that you traveled to?
Hands down the coolest place I have ever been to is Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Favorite food
Vanilla cake & BBQ chips

Is there any place in Lancaster that you recommend going to? Restaurants, bars, shops, tourist attractions, shows, etc.?
As a mom of three, I frequently go to Tiny Town. We also love eating at Rice & Noodles!

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