Top 10 Timeless Old School Pole Moves

The evolution of pole has certainly skyrocketed in the last 5 years to the point of redonkulousness! And while it’s fun to learn all the newest, trendiest pole tricks, let’s not forget about those old school tricks that led the way for the new.

We compiled a list of 10 old school pole tricks that still look just as impressive today as they did 15-20 years ago!

10. Inside Leg Hang

Hannah Mar - inside leg hang
Hannah Mar

This fundamental inverted pose has become a staple in any pole performance. There are so many variations, entrances and exits out of it. And it showcases all the beautiful angles and lines in the body.

9. Superman

While this is considered more of a beginner/intermediate move these days, the Superman was THE advanced trick of the early to mid-2000s. If you performed a Superman in your routine, you were a pole rockstar! But don’t underplay the impressiveness of gripping the pole between your thighs face DOWN!

8. Cross Knee Release

Cross Knee Release - Bad Kitty

This classic stripper inverted pose is still a popular move in the strip clubs today. It’s a relatively easy way to descend into an inversion and looks sexy as hell.

7. Chopper Spin

How can anyone deny how awesome this spin looks?! I mean, you’re spinning upside down in a spreadie all the way to the floor. Add heels and your legs look a mile long.

6. Teddy

Ryssa - Teddy pose
Ryssa performing at Save the Tassels, 2016. Photo: Andy To

Another classic spreadie move–the painful armpit hold while holding a straddle. This PITA move requires a good sticky armpit and amazing leg extensions. This move always begs the question to the first time viewer…is she really holding her body on the pole with just her armpit? …YEP!

5. Butterfly

Lea LaVega - Butterfly
Lea LaVega performing at Kinetic Poetry, 2013. Photo: Redlite Photos

No OG trick list is complete without this gem. While this standard trick lends itself to so many combinations and variations, it was truly an amazing strength move back in the day.

4. Knee Hold

Knee Hold
Trick Fitness instructor and pole dancer Zoe Featonby prepares for the Miss Pole Dance Australia ACT heats. Photo: Jamila Toderas

I don’t see this move enough in today’s pole performances and routines anymore. Could it be that it’s incredibly painful?! Either way it’s a hella cool-looking trick because you’re literally hanging on the pole sideways!

3. Back Hook Spin

I can’t help but envision Demi Moore spinning around the pole in her sparkly bikini outfit in Striptease, slaying her pole debut on film. The first time I saw her do this spin, my brain was boggled by how she managed to get her leg wrapped around the pole and spin at the same time! (This was 13 years before I started pole dancing mind you.) But this spin still looks hot 25 years later!

2. Inverted Crucifix Drop

Want to awe the audience while simultaneously scaring the shi*t outta them? Slide down the pole head first, stopping only a foot above the floor! Pole drops are still crowd pleasers, especially the inverted ones! But no need to get into crazy positions. A simple Inverted Crucifix pose is impressive enough to slide down the pole. The screeching noise is a bonus sound effect!

1. Jade Split

Jamilla Deville - Jade Split
Jamilla Deville in her signature Jade Split. Photo: Rick Trelease

Nothing is more classic than the Jade Split, also known as a Hip Hold Split by today’s pole fitness fanatics. But perhaps the original name comes from its creator–JAmille DEville, an OG Aussie pole dancer! I still think this is an amazing looking trick, especially on spin mode! It requires the flexibility to hold a front split in the air, but luckily you have gravity on your side for once. 

Honorable Mentions:

It was hard to narrow the list down to just 10. So here are a couple of honorable mentions.

Wrist Sit aka Hello Boys


Rachel Skye
Rachel Skye. Photo: Redlite Photos
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