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Our vision is to offer a creative space that allows you to discover your unique individuality and encourage unapologetic, authentic expression without judgment of yourself or others. Start your groundbreaking journey with us.

We specialize in aerial arts and performance training with an emphasis on creative movement and self-expression.

We believe in building community and offer a one-of-a-kind experience. We encourage our students to work together and cheer each other on. We plan student outings and host events throughout the year including our annual student recital. Join us in class. Make new friends. And learn something new about yourself!  

Our classes are designed to take you out of your comfort zone and discover the stronger, confident and daring version of yourself.

Meet the Team

Our talented team of instructors are the best at what they do! We bring experience, personality, safety expertise and high energy to each specialized class. All instructors are CPR-certified as well as hold group fitness certifications (AFAA, ACE). Our unique, boutique studio is designed to feel like an oasis from your daily life. 

Rachel Skye

Owner, instructor

Studio Spin Owner - Rachel Skye

What is your favorite thing to teach?
I love teaching power combos and choreography.

How would you describe your pole dance style?
Hip-hop B-girl meets exotic dancer.

What kind of music is typically on your playlist?
Old school jams, electronic and gangsta rap.

Guilty pleasure
Ice cream and cafe lattes!

Dream vacation spot 
I would love to visit Australia some day.

Who would you fan girl over?
Johnny Depp

Favorite Quote
“Well behaved women seldom make history.”

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Rachel Skye is an award-winning pole competitor, PSO Unicorn, seasoned pole dance instructor and the creative director of Save the Tassels. Having a passion for dance and adrenaline all her life, this petite powerhouse began pole dancing in January of 2009 and started teaching just four months later! She hails from a diverse background of gymnastics, kickboxing and extreme sports. She inherited the nickname “Daredevil” early on in her pole dance career for her fearlessness towards learning new tricks.

Rachel has been featured on VH1 as well as music videos and film; and performs regularly for special events, night clubs and fundraisers. She also choreographed a burlesque scene for the dark short film, “Princess Dancer.” Rachel is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, completed the Elevated Teacher Pole Level 1 training, and has trained with some of the top pole dancers in the world and continues her training to stay up-to-date on pole safety. Her passion, funny personality and enthusiasm shine through in her classes. Her goal as an instructor is to uplift and motivate her students with positive energy. And allow them to discover their own creative style.

When she’s not busy with pole, you can find her working on film sets. Rachel is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design receiving her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Graphic Design.

Click here to watch Rachel’s winning performance at the 2016 Lehigh Valley Polathon.

2019 PSO Liberty Pole Championships – 2nd Place, Level 4/5 Low Flow & Basework
2019 PSO Atlantic Pole Championships – 4th Place, Level 5 Exotic
2018 Queen of the Pole – 2nd Place
2018 Lehigh Valley Polathon – Judge & Guest Performer
2018 PSO Liberty Pole Championships – Judge
2018 PSO Atlantic Pole Championships – Judge
2017 PSO Liberty Pole Championships – 1st Place, Level 5 Exotic

2017 PSO Atlantic Pole Championships – Judge
2016 Lehigh Valley Polathon – 1st Place, Pro Division
2016 Lehigh Valley Polathon – “Miss Trickster”
2016 PSO Atlantic Pole Championships – Judge
2015 Queen of the Pole – 2nd Place
2015 Lehigh Valley Polathon – 3rd Place, Pro Division
2014 Supershag Pole Fitness Championships – 1st Place,  Gold Division
2014 Lehigh Valley Polathon – Runner Up, Pro Division
2014 Lehigh Valley Polathon – “Audience Choice” & “Miss Grace”
2013 Lehigh Valley Pole Fitness Competition – 3rd Place
2012 Lehigh Valley Pole Fitness Competition – Runner Up

Chrissy Snow


Chrissy, Studio Spin Instructor

What is your favorite thing to teach?
My favorite modalities to teach at Studio Spin are the aerial pole beginners, conditioning and flexibility classes, dance and burlesque workshops, and of course, the hen parties!

How would you describe your teaching style?
Uplifting, bubbly, funny, girlie, theatrical, technical, yet fun and easy to decipher and follow. 

What kind of music is typically on your playlist?
A vast variety, anything from heavy alt rock, dance music,  punk, old school r&b, new wave, contemporary. Eclectic, and colorful–like me.

Favorite vacation spot 
How much time do we have? Thailand, Vietnam, Hawaii, all of Europe, Vegas, Florida, the Carolinas, Pacific Northwest, Canada, upstate NY, and the Caribbean. If I can think of anymore, I’ll let ya know, ha ha! 

Who would you fan girl over?
I fan girl over our students regularly! They are so wonderful, beautiful, exceptionally talented, and hard working.

Favorite Quote
“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work” – Michael Jackson 

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With extensive lifelong experience as a singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, pin-up model, actress/comedienne, instructor, and life coach, Chrissy can turn any workout class into a fun and entertaining experience! She has been a professional singer, dancer, and actress since childhood, and got into teaching so that she could utilize her stage, performance, gymnastics, martial arts, dance, burlesque, circus arts, and human services training daily.

She maintains personal trainer, group fit, yoga, pilates, and women and youth/teens fitness and nutrition specialist certifications through NASM and AFAA. She also keeps her certs in those same capacities with ACE and NETA. Her other specialities, and belts include martial arts – Tang Soo Do, specializations with the disabled, elderly, and children, as well as an array of aquatic licenses for both pool and ocean fitness. She is also a “Flirty Girl Fitness”, “Hot Hula” Fitness, “PiYo”, “Country Heat”, “CIZE”, “Piloxing”, and “Sunrise Yoga” instructor. Chrissy is “R.A.M.P.” schooled and licensed in Pennsylvania in CBS’ Molecular Mixology for your “Deluxe” Champagne Toast hen parties at the studio, in addition to being CPR and AED trained and certified!

Chris is known as “more than a triple threat” in the entertainment industry, and she has been profiled in publications such as “The Hollywood Reporter”, “New York Post”–who dubbed her the “indie pop starlet to watch”, NY Post’s “Page Six”, NME Magazine, Buzzfeed.com, Newsy.com, prestigious Asian radio show–“Good Times With Mo”, Socially IT, and many more!

She often donates her time performing for charity and does volunteer work with at-risk kids in her community, terminally-ill children, as well as senior citizens and abandoned, or abused animals. She is a Mona-Vie premium health juice representative and vendor. She is also a pin-up model for Bombshell Pinup Company and has been profiled and featured in hundreds of magazines all over the world, and is part of the “Hometown Pinup” charity. She teaches dance, group fit, music lessons, and more at various venues, gyms, medical care facilities, therapy centers, and studios all over the nation as a specialist and fitness presenter. But her heart and soul lies with Studio Spin.
Chrissy looks forward to seeing you in class! 



Krystal - Studio Spin instructor

What is your favorite thing to teach?
I love teaching inversions. It’s always such a hug confidence boost for students when they successfully pull off their first invert.

What kind of music is typically on your playlist?
I try to keep a variety of different types of music on my playlists. Up tempo dance, to mellow cool downs. I like to add tracks with female empowering vocals. 

Guilty Pleasure
Chai lattes and London fogs. I can’t get enough of the sweet warmth! Particularly from tiny cafes. 

Who would you fan girl over?
Christine McConnell. Her creations through food and other various mediums is always beyond astounding! She is the total package! Brains, pin up beauty, and a creator of superb art! 

Favorite quote
“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Krystal has been practicing aerial hoop and aerial yoga for over 5 years. She loves how it combines beauty and fitness together. Krystal started with hula hooping and decided to try aerial hoop after watching an aerial burlesque routine. It looked so fun and challenging. 

She has been teaching various classes at Studio Spin for a few years, including hula hooping, and beginner Silks and Lyra. Her current favorite trick that crosses both Silks/hoop is gazelle. Krystal aims to continue her aerial practices and find more time to dedicate to her own practice and training aside from instructing. Some of Krystal’s other interests include yoga, making and baking desserts (often chocolates), and glass fusion crafting. 



Jessica Rodriguez - Studio Spin

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
I LOVE a good all-inclusive resort anywhere with a spa–no driving, plenty for the kids to do, and I can also escape.

Favorite Quote
“When we see the beloved in everyone, it’s like walking through a field of flowers blooming all around us.” – Ram Dass

Favorite Food 
Chips and salsa with vegan sour cream!

What is your favorite music to dance to? 
Anything newer Latin.



Ashley - Studio Spin Instructor

What is your favorite thing to teach?
Any kind of sensual or intuitive movement–like floorwork, freestyle or chair dance.

How would you describe your pole dance style?
Very sensual and slow. I love the feeling of really focusing on where my body wants to move in each moment and not feeling like I need to rush out of that sensation. 

What kind of music is typically on your playlist?
Sensual and dirty songs like Two Feet, Hozier, or Marian Hill or sometimes a little more tempo like Lizzo and Cardi-B. My playlists can be all over the place!

Guilty Pleasure
If we are talking food, I’d have to say blueberries and nutella! 

Who would you fan girl over?
Like a celebrity? I’m kind of obsessed with the band Pinegrove and also really love the work of the comedian Chris Gethard.

Favorite quote
“This picture will be my future before picture!” or “Slow down, deep breath, everything you’re feeling is natural.”

Ashley has been enjoying pole dancing since the summer of 2019 and has been participating in movement based activities since she was 8 years old. She completed the Studio Spin Instructor Training in the Fall of 2020. Her style of dance represents her love of embodiment and intuitive style movement. Turning off the noise in her brain and letting the music influence how her body wants to move in this moment. Being engulfed by the flow of feminine energy. 
Ashley loves encouraging others to find their own unique style of movement in a safe and open environment. 

Outside of the studio Ashley recently opened her own business in Lancaster where she practices Yoni Steaming, Feminine Embodiment Coaching, and Energy Based Healing. 

One piece of advice Ashley would give to those starting their pole journey is to let go of needing to do your dance like anyone else and feel in your body the flow that is right for you! 
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