5 Things That Will Be Updated Once We Reopen (And 5 Things That Will Stay The Same)

5/2/21 UPDATE

Following the CDC’s update on the low probability of surface transmission of COVID, we are returning to our original class format and increasing class sizes. Our classes have been waitlisted for the past two months, and we’re finally ready to open up our class capacity. While we have enjoyed our smaller, intimate classes this past year, we are excited to return to our original class model of students working together to achieve their goals! Aerial classes have returned to 75 minutes. Masks and physical distancing will still be required for the time being. As always we do have disposable masks at the front desk in case you forget yours.


11/24/20 UPDATE

Following the Secretary of the PA Department of Health’s recent update on the Universal Face Covering order, we are now requiring students participating in classes to keep their nose and mouth covered with a face mask or covering throughout the duration of class.  

We fully understand this can make breathing more difficult during moments of exertion. We are allowing the exception of pulling down your mask temporarily while executing a series of strenuous moves (i.e.: lifting into an inverted position, performing a combination of aerial moves). 

If at anytime during class you are feeling faint of breath, please take a moment to sit down in either the student lounge or bathroom and take slow, deep breaths with your mask pulled down. 

Please make sure you have a mask with you upon arriving to the studio, otherwise you won’t be allowed to participate in class. We will have disposable masks available at the front desk if you forget yours.  We ask that you please respect this policy and our studio as your favorite place to dance. Your acceptance of this policy will also ensure that we can continue to operate without being fined.


7/6/20 UPDATE

One thing that has been confirmed through the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing orders, is that no matter what, Studio Spin is committed to providing a safe and supportive space for all our students while still keeping our fun-loving vibes flowing.

We recognize that these past few months have been challenging to our students financially, physically and emotionally. And we only hope that we can continue to be a source of inspiration, encouragement and creative outlet for you. We loved staying connected with you through social media and virtual classes. And look forward to dancing and moving with you LIVE IN PERSON!

5 Things That Have Changed:

1. Sanitation Protocol

We’ve always kept the cleanliness of Studio Spin on the top of our priority list. But we’ve tweaked our cleaning procedures to stay current with the CDC and public health guidelines. We are allocating 20 minutes in between classes so the floors can be swept and the equipment wiped down with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Each studio room is now equipped with an H13 Hepa air purifier to keep the air flow clean from viral particles (also great for allergens and pet dander!). And we will continue to sanitize common surface areas on a daily schedule.

Students will each be given their own bottle of rubbing alcohol and towel to use for the duration of class. Dirty towels should be tossed in the laundry bin after class. While you are welcome to bring your own towel to dry yourself off in class, we won’t allow you to use your own towel on our equipment. You may bring your own yoga mat.

Until further notice, we require students to please wear a facial mask upon entering the studio, checking in at the front desk, while in between classes and leaving the studio. You may remove your mask during class if it’s too uncomfortable to breath in.

Hand sanitizer will be provided on both floors.

2. Physical Distancing Practices

We know that even when we re-open, the course of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t “just over”. We still have to work towards mitigating the spread of the virus. What does that mean for class?

  • Students will only be admitted into the studio 10 minutes before the start of class.
  • Students should enter through the main front entrance. And exit the studio through the side door in the stairwell.
  • Air five or bump fists to say hello to your classmates instead of hugging (…we know).
  • Use the same pole/lyra throughout class. No switching of apparatuses.
  • Maintain a 6′ distance from one another in class and in the common areas.
  • Temporarily disallowing students to share grip aides. (We do offer Tite Grip, Mighty Grip and Dry hands for sale at the front desk.)
  • Teaching sequences that do not require physical spotting from an instructor, until public health trends reduce social distancing efforts.

3. Class Sizes & Formats

Since being closed, we have had the opportunity to brainstorm new ideas for class offerings and experiences for you. We are excited to offer a more, intimate class experience. You will now have your own apparatus to work on throughout the entirety of class. Aerial classes will be exclusively limited to 5-6 students (and 8 students in Grounded classes), which will allow more time for you to work with your instructor!

We will also be offering 4-week Signature Series for our choreography classes so you can learn and grow with your classmates week-to-week. As well as Specialty Series classes focused on introspection and performance training.

4. New Class Policies

In order to maximize the benefits of our new intimate class sizes, we have made the following changes to our class policies:

  • 6-hour Late Cancellation Policy (you must cancel your class reservation at least 6 hours in advance to avoid forfeiting your class.)
  • 5-minute Lateness (if you are more than 5 minutes late to class, you will not be able to join in on the fun.)

5. New Student Lounge

Yes, you read that right! We have added a new student lounge/champagne room just passed the front desk. You will now have an extra space to chill (6′ feet apart) in between classes. The lounge connects to the downstairs studio, so cubbies will be relocated to the lounge. It’s a work-in-progress, so over time we will be adding more pizazz!

5 Things That Will Stay The Same:

  • Epic playlists. Yeah!
  • Supportive and inclusive environment. Oh hell yes!
  • Your eclectic tribe of instructors and staff. Yassss!
  • Our commitment to quality, expert instruction. Boom!
  • Our openness to client feedback and ideas. Always!


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