Spinster Spotlight: Elena D.

Name & age
Elena D, 45
Where are you from?
Lancaster city, born & raised
What is your day job?
During the wk: I take care of my grandson Luka. Weekends, I work as a PCA / MedTech at a nursing facility.
What are your favorite classes at Studio Spin and when did you start?
Sultry & Sensual and Floorplay.
What was your original reason for starting classes with us? And what have you learned about yourself since starting?
I was looking for something other then your typical gym. I have always had an interest in pole dancing. I find it sexy, seductive and skillful. I also wanted a challenge, not just physically but mentally as well. Taking pole not only helped me build self confidence but also helped strengthen my personal battles I have within. At times we can be our own worst enemy.
What is your favorite kind of music to dance to?
I have a love and an appreciation for all genre of music. But my all time favorite music is R&B, Freestyle and Reggaeton.
Do you have a favorite song?
(I have so many)  Kelly Rolland “Movtivation”
Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Plant shopping
What’s something you’re proud of about yourself? Brag a little!
I have a variety of life accomplishments! I’m a proud mother of 3 wonderful boys Eli 28, Aj 21 &  Gionni 15. I’m in a 27-year relationship with my best friend/husband Angel. With my 28 years of experience in health care, I have received several certifications.
Favorite food?
French fries
Is there any place in Lancaster that you recommend going to? Restaurants, bars, shops, tourist attractions, shows, etc.?
Moondance winery and Restaurant 551 West. For hiking, check out Chickies Rock & Muddy Run park.
Do you have any advice for newbies just starting out?
Your not in competition with anyone but yourself. This is your journey, OWN IT!
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