Spinster Spotlight: Krystal

Spinster Spotlight: KrystalMeet Krystal! Age 25.

Where are you from?

When did you start taking classes?
Pole in January, Silks in September 2016 plus two Hoop series.

What do you like about pole, silks and hoop? How has it affected your life?
Pole and Silks have brought me to a really strong, creative, supportive community of ladies, which is lovely. Everyday I’m in class I hear “You can do it!” more than I can count. And it helps. It reminds me that I started off not knowing any of these skills; but have built up strength to learn and execute them, and I will be able to get past the hurdle in front of me too.

What is your current favorite move/trick?
Apprentice on Pole. Rebecca Split on Silks.

What is your current nemesis trick?
Side Climbing on Pole. LC Roll on Silks, oh my gosh we do not get along.

What is your favorite kind of music to dance to?
My inspiration music fluctuates with my mood. I really jive with Lana Del Rey and I want to put a routine to some Tom Waits.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Oh! Chocolate, it’s so bad…

What is the coolest thing you have done in your life? Or coolest place that you have traveled to?
I spend my time trying to fill my days with awesome things. But so far I think the kewlest place I’ve been to was Burning Man. If you let me, I could talk forever about why I think so.

Favorite food?
Bread haha.

Is there any place in Lancaster that you recommend going to? Restaurants, bars, shops, tourist attractions, shows, etc.?
I’m still getting to know Lancaster. But when I first started attending class, I was recommended The Horse Inn. My fiance and I go every week now. Homemade everything! So yummy, such a neat atmosphere, lots of bow ties and suspenders. They have the best wings ever and I don’t even like wings.

Do you have any advice for newbies just starting out in class?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or to have your instructor spot you. Be inspired by the girls around you. They were in the same spot you were once, and you’ll get there too. Make friends with your classmates, their support is invaluable. And make sure YOU are having fun. You are the person you should be doing this for.

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