How Pole Saved My Life

By Aurora Storm

Turning demons into angels.

When a friend asked me one Spring to try out a pole class I was all for it! Trying something new always appealed to me and there seemed a certain mystic to the art that I wanted to tap into.  Little did I know what I was about to get myself involved in.

Fast forward to a year later, I found myself in a difficult situation with my marriage that was ultimately destroying my inner self and spirit. Throughout this emotional turmoil, I continued to go to pole class whenever possible. And for that hour or two, my demons shed from my soul and I was lifted up and embodied. Not only by the sheer movement of the sport, but from the loving support of other students and connections that were made. We encouraged one another and bonded over the exhilarating freedom that coursed through our veins like an unstoppable electrical current.

ambyrHad it not been for these vital moments, I’m not sure I would have made it out of the dark place I was in and why I believe that pole had truly saved me from allowing myself to become destroyed by it. I literally was holding onto that pole for dear life! It allowed me to tap into the woman I knew was buried beneath a mountain of emotional and verbal negativity. The woman I knew I wanted to be, but the woman I wasn’t permitted to release.

Needless to say, my marriage has ended at no fault of the art I chose to practice. But because of pole art, I am able to renew my inner goddess, let her rock out and am on the road to emotional recovery. I pole because I can. I pole because it has saved my life!

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