5 Reasons We May Not Be The Right Studio For You (and that’s okay!)

When considering joining a new dance/movement studio, it’s important to consider whether or not that studio is right for YOU. Because not every studio will be. (And that’s okay!)

Also, simply considering a studio because it’s conveniently located near you is not a good enough reason to join. We’re just saying…

👀So if you’ve been peeping our studio for a while, and deciding whether or not to join us for class, here are 5 reasons why we may NOT be the right studio for you. There’s no sense in forcing yourself to go to a place if it doesn’t offer what you’re really looking for.

  1. We are not fitness-based
    While pole and lyra can certainly be Used as a great fitness workout, that is not our jam. We are all about creativity and self-expression through movement.
  2. We do not offer drop-in pole/lyra classes
    We are membership-based because The best way we can serve you is through consistency and commitment. That won’t happen if you’re only coming to class here and there.
  3. We love to feel sexy, not just be sexy!
    Sexy is a state of mind, not a look. While we love a good Sunday Bumday photo, we don’t seek clout to validate our being. we teach validation comes from within!
  4. We are not all about the tricks.
    Yes, we do teach tricks, but as a means to offer your body more movement vocabulary to express yourself. If you’re looking to just learn all the latest, trending tricks, you won’t find that here.
  5. Our students work in partners.
    We get it, not everyone is keen on working with a partner in a pole or lyra class.
    However, We find this method of teaching to be very effective with our student’s growth on their journey.
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Just a heads up...


We will be closed for holiday break from December 24 through January 3. During this time, we will not be available by phone or email. We will return email inquiries and/or phone calls on January 4.