May Theme: Authentic Expression

In the words of Madonna…”Express Yourself!” This month we are celebrating authentic expression! Not only do we encourage you to BE who you are meant to be in this world, we encourage you to outwardly EXPRESS who you are to the world.

So how the heck do you express your authenticity?! Let’s take a lesson from babies.

Babies are innately born with authentic expression. Without the ability to communicate through speech, they communicate with their body. They cry when they want something, laugh when they experience pleasure, smile when they feel joy. They have no judgment about themselves. They just know what they want, like and need and express it without judgment. Think about it, how liberating is that?

How are you showing up as yourself in your day-to-day? Are you showing your partner your fullest self? Are you being truthful with yourself about your wants and needs? Do you pretend to be a version of yourself at work? Are you being real with your kids? (Cuz they can sense when you’re lying to them!)

What if we, as adults, reflect back to our ‘baby’ roots and express our wants, likes and needs without fear of judgment? What if you applied this principle to your movement practice? (Yes, we are a dance studio. So we’re always going to encourage you to express your truth through movement and dance.) What if you moved your body to express what you’re feeling in the moment? Whether it’s joy, sadness, anger, grief, tension, desire, confidence. Whatever you’re feeling, however you’re moving is right. Don’t hide it, express it!

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Intro to Pole Intensive



Curated for the absolute beginner, this thoughtful 2 1/2 hour intensive is so much more than an introduction to pole dance. It’s also an introduction to our studio culture, values and community of dancers. We approach pole dance as a means to discover your authentic self and to enjoy and appreciate your body. We want you to feel stronger, confident and daring not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Get ready to not only learn some exciting pole moves, but also learn something new about yourself!

Boudoir Photoshoot

Saturday, April 20 10am-3pm

Boudoir Minis with Emila Avila

Just a heads up...


We will be closed for holiday break from December 24 through January 3. During this time, we will not be available by phone or email. We will return email inquiries and/or phone calls on January 4.